Breast lifting & augmentation (Augmentation Mastopexy)


small redundant breasts not matching with the body measurements due to severe loss of weight, hereditary or post labor and lactation


surgical lifting and normal positioning of the nipples and augmentation with absolutely safe implants of both breasts in females

Operative Time

3 hours


general or local

Hospital Stay

1 day


Inverted T shape Plastic sub-cuticular closure with drain insertion Fades away after 6 months and up to 1 year Scar reduction topical application or laser sessions during this period

labs Needed

Complete blood picture Liver and kidney functions Coagulation profile Random blood sugar Bilateral Soft Tissue Mammography


2-days at home Avoid sweating and wetting of the wounds Minimal pain, edema and bruises first 3 weeks Wearing the suitable pressure garment for one and half months

Final Result

after 3 months beautiful round shape and volume with normal restored sensations


smoking and uncontrolled diabetes cause surgical complications


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