Thigh lift


redundant thighs due to morbid obesity or massive weight loss in women or men


excision of the excess skin from the inner or outer thigh, removal of the excess fat, tightening of the muscles and liposuction of the thigh to enhance the slim and beautiful shape of the thigh

Operative Time

3-4 hours



Hospital Stay

one day


Transverse scar in the upper inner thigh in the natural crease below the buttocks in mild and moderate thigh redundancy Longitudinal scar in the inner side of the thigh in severe redundancy Could be a part of the lower body lift after massive weight loss if the lift is needed in the outer thigh Can be assisted with vaser or laser liposuction for better results Plastic sub-cuticular closure with possible drain insertion Fades away after 6 months and up to 1 year Scar reduction topical application or laser sessions during this perio

labs Needed

Complete blood picture Liver and kidney functions Coagulation profile Random blood sugar


10 days at home and then soft return to work Avoid sweating and wetting of the wounds Avoid knee flexion for 2 weeks to preserve the wound and to get a beautiful thin scar Moderate pain, edema and bruises first 3 weeks Wearing the suitable pressure garment for one and half month

Final Result

after 3 months tight beautiful thighs and weight control with enhanced muscular shape


smoking and uncontrolled diabetes cause severe surgical complications


several hospitals with packages suitable for everybody (same medical service – different hotel services)

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