body liposuction


fatty deposits in several parts in the body not responding to diet nor exercise not matching with the body measurements in men or women


liposuction of the fat and sculpture of the requested parts in females or males

Operative Time

1 hour to 3 hours according to the number of places need liposuction


general or local according to the number of liters of liposuction

Hospital Stay

several hours (0-4 L) and (4-10 L)


No scars

labs Needed

Complete blood picture Liver and kidney functions Coagulation profile Random blood sugar


One day at home if liposuction 0-4 liters 3 days at home if liposuction 4-7 liters One week at home if liposuction 7-10 liters Minimal to moderate pain according to amount of liposuction, edema and bruises first 3 weeks Wearing the suitable pressure garment one and half months

Final Result

after 3 months beautiful curved areas in females or males


smoking and uncontrolled diabetes cause surgical complications


several hospitals with packages suitable for everybody (same medical service – different hotel services)

Frequently Asked Questions

You may be a good candidate for liposuction if you are relatively healthy, yet struggle with disproportionate fat distribution unrelated to your weight or physical fitness. Liposuction patients should be non-smokers and should have relatively firm skin and muscle tone. Schedule a professional consultation to learn more about whether liposuction is right for you.
You will not be permitted to eat or drink anything the day of your liposuction procedure. Your doctor will administer an IV sedative or general anesthesia to help you relax or fall asleep during the surgery. A surgeon will use a long narrow tube to dislodge fat via small incisions near the targeted liposuction areas. Once the fat is dislodged, it will be suctioned out of the body using a surgical vacuum. Most liposuctions last between one and four hours depending on the number of treatment areas.
You’ll awake from your procedure wearing a compression garment to reduce swelling, as well as drains at your incision sites. Once you are released to go home, you’ll be discharged with specific instructions for at-home care and returning visits to the doctor for follow-up and bandage removal. Be sure to take all prescribed medications as directed by your doctor, and call your doctor immediately if you experience any chest pains or shortness of breath following your surgery.

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